Electric Street Light Luminary


Lightron - 11w / 22w / 36w / 72W
A product form Anmini LIGHTRON, The new generation road lighting luminaries, bring new light to the local roads, residential areas and industrial areas. This new range of lighting systems makes significant contribution to energy saving and provide a safer and more comfortable environment. The LIGHTRON series Luminaries are economical, highly advanced, consumers less energy and have low maintenance expenses.


  • Weather Proof Design (IP 65)
  • Wide operating volatage range (90-270V)
  • THD less than 10%
  • High circuit power factor (>0.98)
  • Constant light output throughout 90-270V AC
  • Automatic dust to dawn operation (Auto on/off)
  • Rust free fitting components
Models 22W 36W 72W
Application Street Lighting
Lamp Type Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL), 4 Pin, Single U
Lamp Wattage 22W (2 Nos of 11 Pcs) 36 W 72W (2 Nos of 36 Pcs)
Rated Light output (Lumens) 900 2900 ± 5% 5800 ± 5%
Nominal Working Voltage 230V AC
Working Voltage Range 90 to 270W AC
Inverter Type Quasi sine wave, free running
Inverter Efficiency 25 - 30 kHz
Power Consumption 23W 33W ± 3W 65W ± 5W
Lamp Starting Soft start
Current THD (Up To 10th) < 10%
Power Factor > 98%
Protections Input surges and lamp end of life
Junction Box With 2A replaceable glass cartridge fuse
Fixing Pole mounting with mounting Brackets, CFL lamps in base up configuration
Connecting Cable Entry 0.75 mm2 PVC insulated coper wire
Canopy (Case) Injection moulded engineering plastic weather, water and insect proof ( IP - 65 Rated )
Bowl (Light Diffuser) UV stabilised, Non Yellowing Acrylic
Reflector Highly reflective anodized aluminium
Colours (canopy) Black
Size (Shipping) 420 x 190 x 110 mm 505 x 190 x 180 mm 505 x 190 x 180 mm
Weight (Shipping) 2.1 Kg. 2.3 Kg. 2.65 Kg.
Models Wattage Operation Suggested to replace POWER SAVING
RLL - 22AC2C 22W Automatic 2 x 11 60%
RLL - 36AC2C 36W Automatic 2 x 40W Flurescent Tube 3 TIMES
RLL - 72AC2C 72W Automatic 125W MV / 150W HPSV 4 to 5 TIMES