Solar Water Heater



  • Attractive Design
  • High Efficiency
  • Low and Easy Maintenance
  • Greater Performance in winter & cloudy days
  • Safe & Environment Friendly
  • Low cost and long life with 2 Years warranty
Collectors :
Type Copper - Copper / Selective coating / Aluminum Outer Casing
Absorber Area 2 Sq. Mtr ( +/- 0.1 )
Absorber Matterials Pure Electrolytic Copper
Riser Tube 1/2" Dia. Pure Electrolytic Copper Tube
Header Tube 1 Dia Pure Electrolytic Copper Tube
Absorber Coating NATIONAL AEROSPACE LAB (NALSUN) Black Chrome Coating Absorptivity > 0.92, Emissivity < 0.08
Absorber Fin Pure efficient UTRASONIC BONDING Between absorber fins and riser tubes
Test Pressure Hydropnumatic testing at 5 Kg/cm. sq.
Collector Box :
Secting Galvanized Sheet with powder coating on both side
Glass Retainer Galvanized angle with powder coating on both side
Bottom Sheet Glavanized Sheet with powder coating on both side and joints are made leak proof by using special silicon sealant
Protective Coating Outer casing coated with Pure polyester Powder Coating on both side
Top Glass Low Iron, High Impact resistant, Toughened Glass, Transitivity > 92%, Fitted with Silicon Sealant
Insulation Rock wool slabs, Density - 48 Kg / Cu. Mtr Thermal Resistance - 0.9 Mtr Deg. / C/w Highly reflective thin Aluminium Foil.
Reflector Sheet Highly reflective thin Aluminium Foil.
Gaskets & Grommets Pure EPDM / NEOPRENE rubber, suitable for high temperature
Inner Tank :
Material Galvanizes Steel
Thickness 2.5 mm
Anti Corrosion Treatment Epoxy Coating inside the tank
Connection 25 mm S.S. Treaded
Electric Back - up Provision for Electric Bank - up is provided
Outer Cover :
Material Galvanized Steel 0.45 mm
Anti Corrosion Treatment Powder Coated
Supporting Structure :
Material M.S. Angle
Anti Corrosion Treatment Powder Coating
Nut Bolts M.S. Zink Coated
Manu. Facilities Well equipped manufacturing setup and testing facilities available