Solar Street Light (CFL)


SunBeam - 11W
SunBeam series of steet lighting luminaries can be used for the steet lighting applications using solar energy. The Solar PV module and the battery can be directly fitted to this luminary with necessary mechanical structures. The Solar Streetlighting luminary is available with or without charge controller. Automatic dusk to dawn opration are offered in diferent modles. The mechanical design is best siuted for outdoor application.

Highly reliable electrinic circuit realised with good quality electronic components ensure trouble free opration and long life to the CF lamp. SunBeam - 11W is the base model of this series, which uses a Compact Fluorescent Lamp of 11W as the light source.


  • Fixing with compact fluorescent lamp (CFL)
  • Elegant and robust suitable for out-door use
  • Buildt - in high frequency inverter and charge controller
  • Anodised aluminium reflector
  • Insect entry protected
  • Directly compatible for solar streetlighting systems
  • Excellent light distribution
Models Model - 1 Model - 2 Model - 3
Application Solar street lighting, outdoor,
Operation Manual DTDC automatic Present Timer
Lamp Type Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL), 4pin, Single U
Lamp Wattage 11W
Rated Working Voltage 12V AC
Working Voltage Range 10.5 to 14V Dc
Inverter Type, frequency and Creat factor Quasi Sine wave, free running 24-30 KHz, Crest factor <1.6
Inverter Efficiency >85%
Charge Controller
Charge controller No charge controller 6A Charge controller
Charge controller type Not applicable Series pulsed two step
Charging current ( Solar ) Not applicable 6A Max.
Solar Module size (Max) Not applicable 90Wp
Indications Not applicable Charging, low battery 
and low battery warning
Protections Not applicable Module reverse current,
overcharge, deep discharge,
reverse polarity and over load
Connecting Cables
Luminary to Solar PV Module Not applicable 2.5 Sq. mm with fork terminal
Luminary to Battery 2.5 Sq. mm cable with ring and fork terminal
Sensing cable Not applicable 0.5 Sq. mm with ring and fork terminal
Fixing Pole mounting with mounting bracket
Canopy (case) Injection moulded engineering plastic weather, water andinspect 
proff ( IP - 65 Rated )
Bowl (Light diffuser) UV stabilised, Non Yellowing Acrylic
Reflector Highly reflective anodized aluminum
Size ( shipping ) 420 x 190 x 110 mm
Weight ( shipping ) 2.0Kg 2.3Kg