Solar Street Light -LED


sunshine - 8W, 12W & 24W
Immini Solar takes advantages of these inherent qualities of LED's for designing latest range of Solar LED Steet Light Luminaries. The street light luminary utilizes imported high quality high power white LED's which can be directly soldered with MCPC (Metal Core PCB) offers best in class thermal behavior.

In addition to the inherent efficiency of LED's street light can be made very directional, casting light mostly along the roadway, with only a small amount down and none up. This is allow good illumination with the least light generation, further reducing power consumption and saving more money. LED's might be bright enough to see, butthey aren't bright or efficient enough to be used as road lights. As far as directionality goes, aproper reflector will work with a nincanescent bulb. Producing white light also saps much of the efficiency of LED's are arranged in MCPCB and fixed with Heat sinks for better thermal management. The light output from the light source is kept constant. There is no linear variation with changes in the input voltage.


  • Low power consumption
  • Automatic Dusk to Dawn (DTDC) / Timer operation
  • Extremely long life LED's ( >50,000 Hrs )
  • No lamp blackening
  • No lamp replacement for serveral years
  • Attractive and weather proof ( IP - 65 Rated )
  • UV stabilized acrylic light diffuser.
Models SunShine - 8W SunShine - 12W SunShine - 24W
Application Solar street lighting, outdoor,
Operation Dust to dawn (DTDC) / factory selectable Timing options
Lamp Type White LED, Pure White
Lamp Wattage 8W (1W x 8Pcs) 12W (1W x 12Pcs) 24W (1W x 24Pcs)
Rated Working Voltage 12V DC
Converter Type & frequency Boost converter, 300kHz
Coverter Efficiency >80%
Charge Controller
Charge controller Type Series pulsed tow step
Charging current ( Solar ) 3A Max. 6A Max. 10A Max.
Module Capacity (Max) 40Wp Max. 90Wp Max. 150Wp Max.
Idle Current Consumption <5mA
Indications Charging, low battery and low battery warning
Protections Module reverse current, overcharge, deep discharge, reverse polarity and over load
Connecting Cable
Luminary to Solar PV Module Pole mounting with mounting bracket
Luminary to Battery 2.5 Sq. mm with ring and fork terminal
Sensing cable 0.5 Sq. mm with ring and fork terminal
Fixing Pole mounting with mounting bracket
Canopy (case) Injection moulded engineering plastic
weather, water and insect proof
Die Cast Aluminium case
weather, water and insect
Ratings IP - 65 Rated
Bowl (Light diffuser) UV stabilised, Non Yellowing Acrylic
Reflector Highly reflective anodized aluminum
Size ( shipping ) 420 x 190 x 110 mm 520 x 220 x 70 mm
Weight ( shipping ) 2.5 Kg 6.8 Kg